New DC Clean Energy Plan -- AOBA forum Sept. 25; AOBA members, register now

Posted By: Brewster Thackeray (deleted)

The Building Energy Performance Standards were established as part of the Clean Energy DC Omnibus Act of 2018, which became effective March 2019. Starting in 2021, owners of buildings over 50,000 square feet that are below a specific energy performance threshold will be required to improve their energy efficiency over the next five years. However, the 2021 standard will be based on Calendar Year 2019 Benchmarking data. The time to put your plan together is now!

Billy Grayson, Executive Director, Center for
Sustainability and Economic Performance, ULI

Katie Bergfeld, Chief, Building Peformance and
Enforcement Branch, Data & Benchmarking, DOEE

Ted Trabue, Executive Director, Sustainable Energy
Utility, DOEE

TJ Navarro, National Director, Constellation, Efficiency
Made Easy Strategies