Outstanding Associate Member Award

Applauding AOBA's Associate Members for their vision, volunteerism and diligent efforts

This award applauds AOBA's Associate Members for their vision, volunteerism and diligent efforts in the local real estate industry. The nomination process begins in October, and the award is presented in January at AOBA's Annual Meeting.

Each year, the Associates Coalition Team (ACT) and the AOBA membership are invited to submit written nominations of an Associate Member who they believe has met the criteria of making the most significant contributions in the areas of leadership, vision and volunteerism. The nominees are then reviewed and voted upon by the ACT Committee, and an Outstanding Associate Member is selected to receive the award.

Over the years, these two committee chairs have been singled out for their significant contributions to the Annual Golf Tournament, the AOBA Scholars Program, assistance to the Duckworth School in Prince George's County, and other community outreach and education projects.

2019 Outstanding Associate Award Recipient Members: Tony Curtis, Classic Concierge, Inc., Michael Aird, CSI International, and
Dani Bressler, Toepfer Construction Company, Inc.

Outstanding Associate Member Award Recipients: 

  • Michael Aird
  • Carrie Ehart
  • Tracy Seymour
  • Kelly Murray
  • Heath Chilcoate
  • Michael A. Vito
  • William Manders
  • Michael A. Vito
  • Marshall Gross
  • Lynda M. Ellis
  • Michael Aschenbrenner
  • Charles E. Castle, III
  • Keith Gurley
  • Jan Rosenberg
  • Joseph A. Gargiulo
  • Charles Castle
  • Robert Cohen
  • Earl Mielke
  • Susan Raine
  • Mike Foster
  • Richard Thompson
  • David Alexander
  • Kevin Williams
  • Kelly Murray
  • Thomas Warner
  • Edward Donahue
  • Richard Sockol
  • Joe Hastings
  • Arthur C. Stecklow