Outstanding Associate Member Award

Applauding AOBA's Associate Members for their vision, volunteerism and impact. 

This award applauds AOBA's Associate Members for their vision, volunteerism, and impact in the local real estate industry. The nomination process begins in October, and the award is presented in January at AOBA's Annual Meeting.

The Associate's Leadership Council and the AOBA membership are invited to submit written nominations of an Associate Member who has met the criteria of making the most significant contributions in the areas of leadership, vision, volunteerism, and impact. The nominees are then reviewed and voted upon by the Associate Leadership Council, and an Outstanding Associate Member is selected to receive the award.

2021 Outstanding Associate Member Award Recipient

Rich Sockol, President of Derick Associates

In 2021, Rich Sockol received the Associate's Lifetime Achievement Award for his incredible impact in developing and strengthening the Prince George's Community College Scholarship program. He co-created this scholarship program with the late David. H. Hillman more than 25 years ago.  Prince George's Community College replicated the program that Rich created and uses it as the model for all other scholarship programs. The mentorship component compliments the funds raised by Rich. The time students spend with real estate professionals in the DC region sets the students up for success as they navigate their collegiate and professional careers. 

Celebrate Rich's accomplishment by watching the 2021 Annual Meeting on AOBA's Video and Webinar page - you must be logged into your account to access the page.

Outstanding Associate Member Awards

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  • Richard Sockol
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