Emerging Leaders Council - 2019

AOBA is excited to launch this NEW professional development program for members with three to 10 years of experience. More than 30 members were selected for the inaugural ELC class.

 In this increasingly jaded environment, the pressure is even more acute for leaders to think about creating opportunities for     younger workers, not just to gain skills but to feel more engaged with an organization’s mission."-
        excerpted from Why It's Time to Move Millennials into Leadership, AssociationsNow.com

 AOBA is pleased to launch Emerging Leaders Council (ELC) for property management professionals, with three to 10   years of property management experience. The group's first meeting will be in February.

 The goal of ELC in 2019 is to deliver personal and professional development and networking opportunities to young     professionals in the industry, while developing future leaders for AOBA and the industry at large.

By joining AOBA's Emerging Leaders Council, volunteers have agreed to be a committed steward of, and advocate for, AOBA.   The ELC actively supports AOBA by engaging and educating other young professionals about AOBA’s mission. It will also support efforts to recruit new members, and to coordinate an event for AOBA’s young professionals. 

 Each member of the ELC has committed to:

  • Attend at least 2 out of the 4 quarterly  ELC meetings per year.
  • As a group, plan at least 1 professional development program per year for young professionals.
  • Participate as a junior member on at least one AOBA committee.
  • Attend the Annual Meeting and at least one additional AOBA special event per year.
  • Support at least one AOBA-sponsored community outreach activity per year.
  • Engage and educate others about AOBA’s mission.

Questions?  Contact Annabel Bendz, abendz@aoba-metro.org.