Online Learning

Multifamily and commercial property management professionals have LOTS of options to learn skills and gain credentials -- all at your convenience on your laptop!

The landscape for online learning gets more extensive - and awesome - every year.

Multifamily: NAA’s VISTO Makes it Easy

NAAEI offers an assortment of online courses. Many of these courses can be taken through NAAEI's new online learning platform Visto, Most of these courses or recorded webinars count for continuing education credits (CECs) needed for credential renewals. From Fair Housing to “Supplier Success” to “Click, Lease and Learn,” NAA makes it easy for professionals to get relevant, timely and critical professional development.

Need continuing ed credits for your NAAEI credential? Click here for details on designation courses available on VISTO.

Commercial: BOMA Online

BOMA International offers extensive online courses and webinars, addressing a full range of industry issues. BOMA’s live and pre-recorded webinars focus on emerging issues and the latest trends in commercial real estate. These 60-minute online programs features expert panelists, resource packets in PDF format and live Q&As. Did you miss a live webinar? No problem! Recorded webinars are available for download on-demand. Check out the diverse BOMA webinar topics at today!  

Also, note that BOMA Energy Efficiency Program, or BEEP© now includes the addition of two new supplementary courses to help property professionals like you reach their sustainability goals.

BEEP® v2.0 is a six-module series updated recently to reflect the latest industry trends, new technologies and best practices to help the commercial real estate industry improve the energy performance of real estate assets. Added in 2017, BEEP® Plus courses are intended to provide an in-depth look at trends, concepts and technologies that have evolved or emerged since the launch of the core BEEP v2.0 curriculum.

BEEP v2.0 and BEEP Plus offer the most relevant, up-to-date source of energy efficiency training in the industry. The six-course curriculum now includes two supplemental BEEP© Plus courses.

Commercial: BOMI Takes Designations Seriously

If classroom schedules don’t meet your needs, members can work towards your professional designation online – whether it’s RPA, FMA, BOMI_HP or SMA through BOMI, an independent institute for property and facility management education.

From air handling and asset management to refrigeration systems and real estate finance, the course list is impressive! And BOMI’s new High-Performance Sustainability Program provides the latest thought leadership for property and facility managers. For details, visit the BOMI International website or call 1-800-235-2664.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Attention Vendors: 

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