Careers in Property Management

Property Management Careers

Exciting jobs with good compensation and excellent opportunities for career advancement are available in property management - both commercial office buildings and apartment communities (multifamily), as well as in building engineering and maintenance! 

The AOBA Educational Foundation (AEF) works with AOBA members and education and training providers across the District, Maryland, and Virginia to develop talented building engineering and maintenance professionals. In addition to highlighting information on these rewarding careers, AEF maintains an online career center to connect job seekers and employers with free job postings for AOBA members and all services free for job seekers. Visit the AEF Career Center today! Check out the AOBA Educational Foundation, where you will find FAQs about these professions, testimonials from engineering, maintenance, and property management professionals, and more. 

Careers in Multifamily (Apartment Building) Management

For jobs and internships in the "multifamily" (apartment building) management industry, please visit the National Apartment Association's careers page. Find information on available positions, how to connect personally with an RPM professional, and a job bank. 

For multifamily managers seeking maintenance professionals, nearby Montgomery College is delivering the CAMT course in conjunction with the Maryland Integrated Basic Education and Skills (MI-BEST) program. Designed primarily for limited-English proficient adults, students work to complete and pass the CAMT exam, then become part of a new temporary placement process through Apartment Careers. The goal is to provide 8-weeks of paid "internship" experience, followed by a position with apartment communities in the Maryland/DC area.  


Careers in Commercial Building Management

Learn more about opportunities for exciting, high-tech careers - that do not require a four-year college degree by clicking on Testimonials and reviewing FAQs!

For jobs and internships in commercial real estate, please visit the BOMA Career Center.  Also, visit the NAPE Educational Foundation for a listing of local courses that provide excellent training on commercial engineering and maintenance skills.

For an insider's view, take time to view BOMA's video (developed by BOMA San Francisco) that highlights a "day in the life" of a commercial property manager: