Engineer of the Year Awards

Since 2014, the Commercial Engineer of the Year Award program has recognized the outstanding work of those behind our commercial office buildings' success - the engineers. Their work not only adds to the efficient operation but also impacts guest experience as the demand for expertise in building physics and systems for new and existing buildings constantly increases.

Nominate your building engineer today to recognize their achievements in making your building such a success.  The Engineer of the Year and the nominees will be recognized at the Commercial Awards Celebration, scheduled in November of each year. 

Nominate an Engineer Today!

You can nominate your engineer for the following categories:

  • Chief-Lead Engineer who meet the following qualifications:
    • Minimum 3 years of experience at a supervisory level

    • Works for a current AOBA-member firm

    • Serves as an  engineer (or may cover multiple buildings)

    • Does not work at the Executive / Regional engineer level

  • Building Engineer who meet the following qualifications:
    • Over 5 years of experience as a building engineer

    • Works for a current AOBA-member firm

  • Maintenance Tech or Maintenance Mechanic who meet the following qualifications:
    • 1-5 years of experience as an entry-level maintenance technician or maintenance mechanic

    • Works for a current AOBA-member firm

Nomination Process:

  • Nominations are open and run through December 15, 2024
  •  Judges review the online submissions
  • Building tours with the nominee + judges

Nominate an Engineer Today!

Past Award Recipients: 

  • Maintenance Member of the Year: Jose Vargas, Brookfield Properties
  • Building Engineer of the Year: Marco Susanivar, MRP Realty | Honorable Mention: Jeffrey Romero, Monday Properties
  • Chief Engineer of the Year: Harvey Martinez, Oxford Properties | Honorable Mention: Bill Andes, Piedmont Office Realty Trust

  • Chief Engineer of the Year: Chris Lewis, CBRE Group
  • Building Engineer of the Year: Craig Dabney, Monday Properties

  • Building Engineer of the Year: Joey Sanchez, JBG SMITH
  • Chief/Lead Engineer of the Year: Brad Cleaveland, Transwestern

  • Maintenance Tech: Charley Chavez, Boston Properties
  • Building Operating Engineer: Michael Morgan, Brookfield Properties
  • Chief/Lead Engineer of the Year: Mike Keely, CBRE