Maximize your membership benefits by expanding your network and knowledge. AOBA's committee meetings will challenge you to grow professionally through the thought-provoking discussions around residential and commercial policies and macro-level trends affecting our region.

There are many benefits to joining a committee. Often times the most significant benefit is expanding your network. If you engage in a committee, you'll meet peers who will open your eyes to new ways of managing your building and portfolio through a discussion around shared experiences, the identification of common challenges, and the exploration of solutions. The curious-minded, ambitious, and driven professionals who create connections and foster relationships gain the most from committees.

All committee meetings are listed online on the Upcoming Events page - register today to attend the next meeting! Or, select the committee you want to join in your Membership Profile to stay current on meeting notices, agendas, and the latest information.

Government Affairs Committees: 

Themed Committees:

Award Committees:

  • David H. Hillman Maverick 
  • Engineer of the Year
    • Rolls into TOBY Committee
    • Led by Bill Atkinson with Boston Properties 
  • KEEP
    • Rolls into Emergency Preparedness Committee
    • Led by Dorothy Hamilton with Stream Realty