Get involved with AOBA by participating on a Committee and by supporting AOBA staff when advocacy issues require member input.  Your engagement is critical to our success!

Get Involved

Interested in making the most of your membership? Consider joining a committee by completing this form or contact the staff member for details about how to participate. Committees and briefings are open to AOBA members in good standing only.

Associates Coalition Team

Chairperson: Gigi Galbraith

Staff: Jeanne Clarke

Mission: To support AOBA by determining best ways to improve the overall Associate member experience while working to advance AOBA's mission. The Associates Coalition Team is comprised of:

Dani Bressler, Toepfer Construction Company, Inc.

Chuck Castle, Ace Fire Extinguisher Service, Inc. & Castle Sprinkler & Alarm, Inc.

Tony Curtis, Classic Concierge, Inc.

Larry Edmonds, Capitol Pest

Carrie Ehart, Raine & Son, LLC, Plumbing & Heating

Gigi Galbraith, Capitol Concierge, Inc.

Marshall Gross, P & R Enterprises, Inc.

Keith Gurley, Daycon Products Co., Inc.

Theresa Keysar, Warfield & Sanford, Inc.

Elisabeth Kirk, TRC Engineering

Kelly Murray, Acadia Windows & Doors

Sasha Serpa, Quality Air Services

Tracy Seymour, Allied Universal Security

Kathleen Zimmerman, SOLIDCare

Meetings: As needed

Community Outreach Committee

Chairperson: Anthony Curtis, Classic Concierge, Inc. 

Staff: Jeanne Clarke

Meetings: Held as needed at AOBA

Community Outreach Programs

Commercial Engineer Awards Committee

Chairperson: Bill Atkinson, Boston Properties

Staff: Brandy Peak

Mission: To plan for the yearly award process which acknowledges outstanding commercial engineers who are vital to the day-to-day operations of members’ office buildings.

Meetings: Held as needed.

District of Columbia Government Affairs Committee

Co-chairs: Sean Warfield, Tishman Speyer, and Peter Bonnell, UIP

Staff: Randi Marshall and Kirsten Williams

Mission: To keep members informed of any regulatory and legislative developments relating to their ability to conduct business in the District of Columbia.

Meetings: Held quarterly at AOBA.

Emergency Preparedness Committee

Chair: LaNile Dalcour, Brookfield Properties

Staff: Brewster Thackeray

Mission: To enhance emergency preparedness within the commercial real estate industry, working collaboratively with public safety agencies in Northern Virginia, Suburban Maryland, and the District of Columbia. This will be achieved through private/public partnerships, information sharing, and the proactive dissemination of relevant information to AOBA members regarding current or forthcoming events impacting the region, as appropriate. The Committee serves as AOBA's key point of contact for emergency preparedness planning, protocols, best practices and lessons learned.

For helpful links, visit our Emergency Preparedness page.

Meetings: Held quarterly; Educational Program held each September

Golf Tournament Committee

Chair: Dani Bressler, Toepfer Construction Co., Inc. 

Staff: Brandy Peak

Mission: To organize and plan for AOBA's Annual September Golf Tournament.

Meetings:  Approximately six planning committee meetings prior to the event.

K.E.E.P. Committee

Chair: Dorothy Hamilton, Stream Realty

Staff: Brewster Thackeray

Mission: The K.E.E.P. (Knowledge and Excellence in Emergency Preparedness) Program was established in 2016 as a branch of the AOBA Emergency Preparedness Committee. K.E.E.P. is an annual awards program that highlights a team’s effective emergency preparedness plan with their tenants and community and recognizes excellence in this critical arena.

Meetings:  Approximately four committee meetings annually.

Maintenance Mania Committee

Chairperson: Elisabeth Kirk, TRC Engineering

Staff: Jeanne Clarke

Mission: Maintenance Mania is a national program offered by NAA in which maintenance technicians compete against each other in various skill-based games. AOBA hosts this event each Spring.

Meetings: Held as needed.

Maryland Government Affairs Committee

Chairperson: Harald Mangold, Scott Management, Inc.

Staff: Nicola Whiteman and Erin Bradley

Mission: To provide input and guidance to AOBA government affairs staff in establishing positions on Maryland legislative and regulatory issues that impact members.

Meetings: Held Monday afternoons in January and February.

Speaker Series Committee

Chair: Sasha Serpa, Quality Air Services

Staff: Brandy Peak

Mission: To produce presentations of interest and benefit to AOBA's members.

Meetings: Held as needed in AOBA's Conference Room.

TOBY Awards Committee

Chair: Kathryn Clement, JBG SMITH

Staff: Brandy Peak

Mission: To remain current on all aspects of local TOBY Awards  program; promotion of entries; regular review of standards and judging procedures.

Meetings: Held as needed in AOBA's Conference Room.

Utility Briefings

Staff: Frann Francis

Mission: To keep members updated on information pertaining to the cost of utilities, electricity, gas and water. AOBA staff and consultants provide information on pending rate applications, including surcharges, class allocations and changes in rate design. Members are also updated on proposed and potential changes in laws and regulations that would impact their costs of energy, as well as on energy markets. The goal of these briefings is to help members understand the process by which their utility and energy costs are determined, in conjunction with the status of energy markets, in order to help members prepare their budgets.

Meetings: All members are invited to Utility Briefings, held periodically in AOBA's Conference room.

Virginia Government Affairs Committee

Chair: Shawn Kyle, Lerner Enterprises

Staff: Brian Gordon

Mission: To provide input, direction, guidance and assistance to AOBA government affairs staff in the development and implementation of a comprehensive legislative and regulatory agenda advocating for the interests of commercial and multifamily rental property owners and managers in Northern Virginia.

Meetings: Check with staff on meeting dates and details.

Political Action Committees

Please contact Nicola Whiteman for more information about the AOBA PACs listed below:

District of Columbia Political Action Committee

Chairperson: Peter Bonnell - The UIP Companies

Maryland Political Action Committee

Chairperson:  Jared Gigliotti, Southern Management Corporation 

Virginia Political Action Committee

Chairpersons: Arianna Royster, Borger Management, and Melissa Steele, E&G Group