Red Coats, Inc.

4520 East-West Highway Suite 200 Bethesda, MD 20814-3319 United States

(301) 654-4360

Photo of Red Coats, Inc.
Photo of Red Coats, Inc.


Mack Wells

Executive Vice President

Erick Ireland

Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales

Heath Chilcoate

Director of Business Development

Joe Leightner

VP of Sales, Datawatch

Jonathan Peel

Julie Gasque

Business Development

Kevin Boyle

Vice President Operations

Mack Wells III

Vice President Operations

Marie Hackney

Division Manager

Michael Durante

Page Pollock

Director of Regional Marketing & Sales

Paula Crosby

Marketing Director

PJ Worosz

Sales Manager

Rakesh Harjani

Scott Kydd

Senior Vice President

Terry Seibel

Executive Assistant

Trey Parrish

Division Manager

Areas of Expertise

Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Building Cleaning/Janitorial, Condominium Common Area Cleaning, Retail Shopping Mall Cleaning, Security Services/Systems