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How Healthy is Your Building?
Are you able to correlate key operational, environmental, and occupancy data to ensure the health and safety of your building occupants? The InSite Platform integrates a wide array of systems and data, providing not only improved operational effectiveness, lower costs, and increased net asset values, but also informing your post-COVID-19 back to workplace strategy. The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled an emergent need for real estate owners and operators to protect building occupants as they implement a return-to-work strategy. The untapped and unrealized value of existing building data can be the edge your organization requires to ensure a healthy physical environment and a successful re-entry plan for your employees, tenants, and guests.
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Taylor Carr

Vice President

Lisa West

VP Marketing

Areas of Expertise

Building Analytics, Covid 19 Resources, Energy Audits, Conservation & Management, Engineering & Consultants, Systems Integration