Tips and Details for 2017 Inaugural

Please see the official press release on the 2017 Inaugural activities, and for maps, see this link: . Also a good resource is:

Note: Plan for heavy traffic on THURSDAY evening as the events begin Thursday pm. See preliminary schedule below:

Inaugural Events (Tentative)

 Thursday, January 19
2:00pm: Welcome Event at the Lincoln Memorial
3:00pm: Wreath Laying Service at Arlington National Cemetery
7:30pm: Candle Light Reception at Union Station

Friday, January 20 (Inauguration Day)

8:30am: St. Johns Church Service
9:30am: Inauguration Day Tea at the White House
11:25am: Inauguration Swearing-In Ceremony at the Capitol
2:15pm: The Presidential Review of Troops on the East Steps of the Capitol
2:45pm: Presidential Inaugural Parade Begins
7:00pm: Inaugural Balls

 Saturday, January 21
10:00am: National Prayer Service at the National Cathedral.

Also, the following are tips for commercial members* in DC to consider in preparation for the Inaugural, to be held on
Friday, Jan. 20, 2017:

-       Update Tenants frequently – event plans change as the event draws closer. 

-        Identify at least two different access/egress points at your property.  This will ensure an alternate method of access should Secret Service change plans at the last minute. 

-      Establish an effective communication method for your building team and tenants, in case of any unplanned/unforeseen circumstances. 

-      Arrange a check in point for the property, where guests can check in. In addition, ask Tenants to arrange their own check-in as a secondary security measure. 

-        Set up advance training for security guards and staff that will be present on the day. 

-        Establish which tenants are having parties and work with them to ensure their catering vendors, etc. have access to the property the day prior to inauguration day. 

-        Identify how many catering trucks you can have in your loading dock and can plug into electrical service for chilling/heating purposes. 

-        Work with MPD for them to use your property as a warming station. 

-        Ensure you have additional security/janitorial staff if your tenants are having events. 

-        Ensure your staff are aware they need ID and arrive at the property prior to the Secret Service defined inner area is closed. 

-        Ensure tenants are aware of the fire code limitations in terms of equipment used within their suites as well as the number of people permitted within the suite

* Special thanks to Emergency Preparedness Committee member Dorothy Hamilton, Stream Realty Partners, and David Paulos, Whelan Security for sharing these tips!