Member Spotlight: Jim Kane, Realty Development, LLC


 Jim Kane, Owner
 Realty Development, LLC. A long-time member who has been active in our Maryland advocacy efforts, Jim owns Realty   Development Group. After attending college and law school, he began working with a large architect-   engineering firm and continues to represent long-time clients, in addition to owning and managing   several small multifamily buildings and several warehouse/commercial buildings. 

 Why do you volunteer your time with AOBA?

 It is important to support AOBA as the association working to represent the best business and management practices in the real estate industry and which works to protect property rights.  Since I’ve spent a lot of time representing firms in their work with the Federal Government, I thought I might be able to contribute to the Government Affairs Committee.  I’ve enjoyed the association with the other committee members and the AOBA staff. 

Why should members get engaged with an AOBA Committee?

It’s important to continue to learn and refine your knowledge and industry skills.   Membership on a committee will introduce you to other individuals in your business area who will share their knowledge and experience.  Participation on a committee helps you, the committee and AOBA. In my experience, AOBA offers the opportunity to expand your horizons.