Complete Your 2021 Wage and Benefit Surveys

AOBA and PMA have joined forces again to produce the most definitive source of compensation and benefit data for the national capital area property management industry. The 2021 Commercial and Multifamily Residential surveys could not come at a more opportune time.  The ability to attract and retain best-in-class talent has never been more critical than at this transitional moment in our industry.  The data from this survey gives you the metrics to compare your offerings to industry benchmarks. Everyone who submits data receives a copy of the survey at no cost.  If you don’t submit data, you can purchase the survey for $995 per copy.

If you are not the person in your organization who can complete the questionnaires, please forward this email to the individual who is responsible and encourage them as strenuously as you can to complete the surveys by the May 31 deadline.

New for 2021 is that there is no need to complete the survey in one sitting.  If you want to answer the questions in phases, click on the done button at the end of the survey. You can return later to answer more questions.

Most of the benefit questions can be answered off the top of your head. Others require a little bit of prep before delving into the survey.  

If you manage both residential and commercial properties, you need to complete each survey individually.

Good luck and thank you for participating. A big thank you to the PMA Human Resource Council for reviewing the survey questions and constantly tweaking them to provide a better result for all.


If you have any questions, contact Jeanne Clarke at