Prince George's Council Enacts Bills

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The Prince George’s County Council held the final meeting of its 2017 legislative year on  November 14.  Final action was taken on several bills that AOBA lobbied over the past several months:

  • Nonconforming Uses – Certification – Approval Requirements (CB-49-2017) – AOBA continued to oppose this legislation, and was joined in opposing testimony by representatives of Southern Management and Kay Apartments at the November 14 public hearing. Amendments were adopted that struck the most harmful portions of the bill, including references to the Nuisance Abatement Board and allowing the Council to make nonconforming use properties conform to current zoning. 
  • Multifamily Rental Facilities – Recycling (CB-78-2017) – AOBA was successful in obtaining amendments so that the bill only requires a separate recycling chute in new multifamily rental construction that is constructed with a trash chute. The bill passed unanimously.
  • Landlord Tenant – Retaliatory Action (CB-85-2017) – AOBA continued to oppose this bill, as it duplicates and expands state law governing retaliatory evictions. Six of the nine Council members joined as co-sponsors, and the bill passed unanimously.