October is Fire Prevention Month


Article contributed by AOBA Emergency Preparedness Committee Member Michael Piantedosi, President, ULTRA Company

The September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on our homeland changed the American way of life forever.  We regularly hear news of mass shootings; bombings; cars and trucks used to maim and kill innocent people.  At any time, and anywhere, we may face dealing with evil scenarios bent on creating terror, fear and death. We’ve become more aware of surroundings, ever vigilant and prepared.   

Commercial real estate firms routinely prepare for terror incidents endangering life and property.  While much progress has been made, there is always room for improvement.  We can’t afford becoming numb and complacent to this “new normal.”  For our own safety, preparedness is a way of life.

With so much focus on preparedness for terror incidents, however, we can't be complacent about the danger of fire.  Fires don’t look for soft targets.  Fires still occur in new and older properties.  Even with the modern codes, superior fire protection systems and improvements in today’s equipment and appliances, people are still people.  With accidents, carelessness, arsonists, corner cutting and many other scenarios, you can find yourself in a structure on fire any time.  Without a plan, you and the lives of your family, your tenants and residents ay be changed forever. 

October is recognized as Fire Prevention MonthNow is a great time to dust off and review your Fire Prevention and Preparation Plan.  Whether a property you manage, work in, or your own home, go ahead and put fire prevention and preparedness on the front burner.  Sunday, November 4 is time to change clocks as Daylight Savings Time ends.  That is also a great time to check or replace detectors, and practice your home fire safety plan.  The lives you save are priceless, and in your control!