Member Spotlight: Mike Aird, CSI International

AOBA is pleased to place a spotlight on Michael T. Aird, Regional Director of Accounts-Mid-Atlantic, CSI International, Inc., who served as project manager for the successful DIY Duckworth volunteer project!

 A Florida native who grew up as a Navy brat, Mike Aird has been with CSI International for four years. The  facilities services company focuses on providing high quality janitorial, mechanical, and mail room services to   corporate and commercial properties. Mike has lived in the DC area for most of his life. He met his wife here,  got married at the ripe old age of 20, and now enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, ages 6 and 9.

 A member of AOBA for more than eight years, Mike “absolutely loves being part of the organization.” He  serves on the ACT committee and Community Outreach Committee, “which has been tremendous for me   personally and professionally…My motto is “go big or go home.  I don’t get involved in too many organizations, but when I do, I give it my all.  I am honored to say AOBA is one of them.”

What drew you to the property management world?
I kind of “fell into” the property management world.  I have always loved working with people, connecting with them and building new relationships, which led me into business development.  I started working in the PM world about eight years ago, and have never looked back.  I really enjoy helping folks solve issues that they are facing, I love real estate, and find it very rewarding to give back to the community, so it has been a great fit for me!

What draws you to volunteer with AOBA? 
After getting engaged, I quickly realized that AOBA does important work. I saw the need in the community, whether it was Duckworth, or food drives, or the Yellow Ribbon fund- and knew I had to help…so I jumped in with both feet!

I would tell other members who want to get involved to just go for it, and give it your all; you won’t regret it.  I have met some of the best people through AOBA -- people who I have connected with professionally and have helped me grow in my business, and people who I genuinely call friends. 

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
With my two young daughters and my wife, I’m usually busy doing family activities/sports practices/dance/etc. I also really enjoy working on my house and others.  I have flipped six houses in the past few years, and enjoy the transformation -- seeing something in disrepair turn into something beautiful.