NEW Emerging Leaders Council Selected for 2019

AOBA is pleased to announce the launch of the Emerging Leaders Council (ELC) for property management professionals with three to 10 years of property management experience. We look forward to introducing this distinguished group of more than 30 volunteers at the 2019 Annual Meeting in January.  The ELC's first meeting will be in February.

The goal of ELC in 2019 is to deliver personal and professional development and networking opportunities to young professionals in the industry, while developing future leaders for AOBA and the industry at large.

By joining AOBA's Emerging Leaders Council, each member has agreed to be a committed steward of, and advocate for, AOBA.  The ELC will actively support AOBA by engaging and educating other young professionals about AOBA’s mission. It will also support efforts to recruit new members, and to coordinate an event for AOBA’s young professionals.