Bridge Series: Addressing STAY DC and Homelessness in the District

Friday, November 12, 2021
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (EST)
Category: Advocacy
AOBA Bridge Series:
Bridging the gap between the industry and government

Join us for our first-ever AOBA bridge series featuring a conversation with David J. Ross, Chief of Staff for the DC’s Department of Human Services, the agency charged with administering STAY DC and the monumental feat of addressing homelessness with care and compassion.   

AOBA members are invited to listen to the latest updates on what to expect as it relates to new funding for STAY DC, as well as new initiatives in housing our City’s most vulnerable residents. 

Featured Speakers

  • David J. Ross, Chief of Staff, Department of Human Services
  • Laura G. Zeilinger, Director, Department of Human Services
  • Rachel Pierre, Administrator, Department of Human Services and Family Services Administration
  • Noah Abraham, Deputy Administrator for Families, DHS/Family Services Administration

AOBA’s Bridge Series
AOBA’s Bridge Series is a place where AOBA members connect with Elected Leaders and Regulatory Officials with the goal of working towards a better future. 

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Katalin Peter, Esq.

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