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Ex-law enforcement officer, lived in different countries every 3 years from birth to 13 years of age as my father was a U.S. diplomat, fully bi-lingual in both the English and Spanish languages. Building relationships with people, especially those with different nationalities and cultures is one that I truly enjoy. I lived through 2 different civil wars, one in Liberia in 1986 and the other in El Salvador, 1989, where Americans were ultimately evacuated, including my family. This experience fueled my desire in becoming a law enforcement officer as a way to aid the vulnerable. These exposures in my formative years gave me the ground work in crisis and personnel management. Being in-charge and disciplined in differing types of situations while diplomatically managing people and the situation at large is my area of expertise. Understanding what truly makes people tick, comprehension of non-verbal signals and learning who they truly are, as people, this is where true client and employee relations occur.


Parent: CleanOffice / PorterPlus

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Bulk Trash Removal, Condominium Common Area Cleaning, Commercial Building Cleaning/Janitorial, Concierge Services, Green Cleaning