Suburban Maryland Water & Sewer Rates

Updated Maryland Rates

The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) provides water and sewer service within suburban service areas of Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. Rates for water and sewer service are established by the Commission to fund its budget and typically change on July 1st, concurrent with the beginning of the Commission’s new fiscal year.

Current WSSC Rates

Note: WSSC Policy for “Unit Billing Count” for Mixed Use, Commercial and Residential Properties - The Commission  approved a  Standard Operating Procedure (CUS 11-01) to be used for Unit Count Billing, effective Jan. 1, 2012. This procedure addresses billing for mixed use, commercial and residential properties currently served by one meter, and incorporates changes requested by AOBA.

Mixed-Use Buildings that contain high-flow commercial businesses, such as restaurants and laundry/dry cleaners, are required to separately meter these units in order to continue receiving the unit count discount. (Based on the Pipeline Design Manual Table 19c.) “Separately metered” is defined as a separate WSSC meter installed at the individual high-flow unit to measure that unit’s flow, or it refers to a WSSC “master” meter installed to register the flow to two or more high-flow units. Additionally, the procedure includes a waiver and an appeal process. Buildings that contain no high-flow commercial units are grandfathered, thereby allowing the building to receive the unit count discount; however, any non-high-flow commercial units in the building would not be counted as residential units for billing purposes.Separate metering of commercial and residential units will be required for all new construction.