Legislative Update: Virginia

Thursday, May 20, 2021
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM (EDT)
6 Seats Remaining
6 Seats Remaining
Category: Advocacy
Join the Virginia Government Affairs and METPAC Committee for a debrief of the 2021 Legislative session and the latest information about compliance with the new laws that go into effect in July.

The 2021 session was unlike any other in Virginia history. Join us to learn how AOBA navigated a virtual General Assembly and what new laws go into effect in July. Preview the harmful policy proposals that are likely to arise in the coming year that, if passed, will negatively impact commercial and multifamily residential property owners and managers by layering additional costs and regulatory burdens on the industry.   

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Virginia’s shifting political landscape has given traction to aggressive policies seeking to layer additional costs and regulatory burdens on commercial and multifamily property owners and managers. AOBA is our industry’s line of defense against such onerous and destructive policies.

METPAC VA supports AOBA's advocacy program by financially supporting candidates who understand the importance and contributions of the industry. Over the past several years, the METPAC VA has donated more than $$$ to scores of candidates for state and local offices. Since 2021 is an election year, we must continue our robust efforts to promote public policy and elect candidates to public office who understand the issues facing building owners, operators, and developers.

6 Seats Remaining
6 Seats Remaining

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Bismah Ahmed

Bismah Ahmed

Vice President of Government Affairs, VA, AOBA

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