Fair Housing

Wednesday, March 20, 2024
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM (EDT)
20 Seats Remaining
20 Seats Remaining
Category: Multifamily Education

Join AOBA and MMHA for a Fair Housing course!

This course provides the information that enables leasing, on-site, maintenance, and executive staff to become proactive to prevent fair housing violations. It’s a must-attend for newcomers to the industry as well as experienced property management professionals.

This class is designed to provide property management professionals with a comprehensive understanding of fair housing regulations, their implementation, and the consequences of non-compliance. The course covers topics such as protected classes, reasonable accommodation, and advertising guidelines, among others.

By taking this class, individuals will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure that their properties comply with all fair housing laws. They will learn how to handle requests for reasonable accommodations, navigate the tenant screening process, and avoid discriminatory practices. Additionally, the class provides an opportunity for property management professionals to network with their peers and share best practices in the industry.

Overall, a fair housing class is an excellent investment for anyone working in the field. The knowledge and skills gained from this class will not only ensure compliance with fair housing laws but also help to build a more inclusive and diverse community.

20 Seats Remaining
20 Seats Remaining

Instructed By: Rick Grams - McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC

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