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Upon his ETS and honorable discharge from the MD Army National Guard, and graduation from UMD College Park, Sasha joined the QAS (Quality Air Services) team in 2010 and hasn't looked back since!

Sasha has been a member of AOBA since 2010 and has served on many committees over the years, to include chairing the ALC (Associates Leadership Council).

Sasha's role as President at Quality Air Services and Chair of the ALC have allowed him the flexibility to assist in the pursuit of many of AOBA's causes and efforts as well as to provide our RE industry partners with the highest quality of experiences within the networking and education space. Sasha is a firm believer that shared experiences along with working together towards mutual goals, breeds lasting relationships.

Sasha and his team are excited to work with their clients in helping them solve for current and upcoming challenges, which are facing the commercial office and multi-family housing industries in the field of mechanical and HVAC systems.

QAS has grown tremendously since opening its doors in 1998, and although "the expert solutions" were built on the backs of our team's ability to service, repair and replace more fan coil units than any other contractor in the DMV, we have grown to offer so much more today!

From turnkey DTS&R riser re-piping services, to water isolation service via pipe-freezing techniques, to service and installation of various HVAC systems ranging from the smallest residential split systems up to 40+ ton RTUs... the QAS team has a vast amount of experience and competency in solving for many of the more nuanced HVAC and mechanical challenges found in our industry.

The next time you have a unique mechanical/HVAC challenge in front of you, lets sit down and have a conversation to see if it might be a challenge that we have previously solved for, or at the very least if we can offer you some "learned mistakes" advice as you pursue a working solution.


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