Sasha Serpa

VP Sales

Quality Air Services

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Professional Bio

Quality Air Services specializes in the service, repair and replacement of fan coil units (i.e. convectors, air handlers, etc) found within buildings that utilize a central plant heating and cooling system. We carry an extensive stock of various sizes and styles of fan coil units in our Rockville, MD warehouse, so that we can serve our clients in a timely manner, minimizing lead times for equipment. We also service most HVACR equipment such as heat pumps, split systems, mini-splits, water source heat pumps and furnaces.

Some of our offered services: Fan Coil Unit Repair/Replacement; Pipe freezing services (why drain your building to repair a fitting/valve when we can freeze the pipe and isolate the area of repair without the need to drain-down); Piping replacement (repipe) of your closed loop heating and cooling pipes; Roof exhaust fan repair/replacement; HVACR service/replacement (heat pumps, spilt systems, water source heat pumps, mini splits, furnaces, etc...); Light-mechanical services and more!


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655 North Horners Lane Rockville, MD 20850

(301) 495-9500

Photo of Sasha Serpa

Volunteer Work

Duckworth School Cleanup and Challenge Day

AOBA Golf Committee

AOBA Maintenance Mania Committee

Areas of Expertise

Convector Sales/Replacement, Fan Coil Unit- Sales/Repair/Replacement, HVAC Services, Pipe Fitting, Roof Fan Sales & Services