WSSC Fees & Rates Increase July 1

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The Montgomery and Prince George’s County Councils approved a $1.4 billion capital and operating budget for WSSC that includes a one percent increase in water and sewer usage rates effective July 1 for county areas served by the utility. However, the budget will also alter the account maintenance fee and phase-in a new infrastructure investment fee based on meter size over the next two years. The overall FY 2016 budget for the utility is projected to increase by 4.8 percent.

The Commission has sought the fee increases to counterbalance declining water usage. WSSC’s revenues for FY 2016 would decline by $3 million for usage rates, while increasing $9 million for the account maintenance fee and $19 million for the infrastructure investment fee. The impact on individual members would vary based on water usage and meter size. See the WSSC proposed budget document on pages 15 to 17 to estimate the impact of this proposal on your property.

The adopted budget also includes $1.7 million to implement a Customer Assistance Program. Customers who are eligible for the Maryland Energy Assistance Program will also qualify for assistance with their WSSC bill. AOBA is awaiting further clarification from WSSC regarding how renters will qualify and be paid under this program, since most do not directly receive a water and sewer bill from WSSC.