Riverdale Park Rolls Back Business License Fees

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Riverdale Park Rolls Back Business License FeesRiverdale Park Rolls Back Business License FeesThe Town Council of Riverdale Park (Prince George’s County) unanimously voted to roll back proposed new business license fees on rental property owners in response to objections raised by AOBA and allied business owners. As a result of this action, affected members will avoid tens of thousands of dollars in annual licensing fees.

Ordinance 2013-OR-06 was enacted last fall in an effort to combat certain businesses that were operating illegally within the Town. Although the ordinance required every business in Riverdale Park to obtain a license and pay an annual fee, multifamily rental housing providers would have been annually charged $100 per rental unit. This business license fee would have been in addition to the Town’s annual rental licensing fee of $100 per rental unit.

Responding to the objections of affected business owners, the Mayor and Council adopted ordinance 2014-OR-07 that exempts single family rentals from the business license and eliminates the per unit business license fee for owners of multifamily rental housing that have paid their annual rental licensing fee. Members with property in Riverdale Park should file the business license application along with a check for $25 by October 1, 2014 and annually thereafter by May 15. Copies of the current U&O permit and fire inspection certificate should be attached if reasonably available.