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Provide Feedback to AOBA on DC Agency Performance

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In the coming weeks, more than 50 government agencies will visit the Council for their annual agency performance oversight hearings. The hearing schedule has not yet been posted; however, it is important that members provide feedback to AOBA regarding the performance of agencies that impact AOBA members.  These include, for example, the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), Department of Housing and Community Development, Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR),  Real Property Tax Appeal Commission (RPTAC).

Members may consider, for example, the following questions regarding an agency’s performance when preparing comments:

*Identify any concerns regarding the agency’s performance. For example, regarding the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), are there ongoing issues with obtaining licenses, permits, processes with proactive inspections? Are you experiencing enforcement in areas where historically there has not been agency enforcement (e.g., after-hour permits)? Or,  regarding the DC Real Property Tax Appeals Commission, have you found that the evidence you presented during your appeal was taken into consideration in the determination? Do you feel like RPTAC gives deference to OTR’s assessment regardless of evidence presented?*

*Identify any areas of improvement in the agency’s performance.