Prince George’s: Senior Housing Must Offer 2-Year Leases Starting June 1

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Reminder: Certain senior housing in Prince George’s County must offer two-year leases to tenants starting June 1. 

Last fall the Prince George’s County Council unanimously enacted a law (CB-59-2015) that will require the owner of senior housing that has an age restriction of at least age 55, effective June 1, 2016, to offer to senior lessees a 24-month lease on initial and renewal leases. Fee or rent increases are not allowed during the term of the lease. Owners are required to provide written notice to all lessees of the 24-month option and keep a record for three years of seniors who elect the 24-month lease. Lessees may waive the 24-month lease option by completing a waiver form, or having the waiver indicated on the lease, and accept a shorter lease term.

Excluded from the bill are assisted living, care home and nursing facilities. The County Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement will notify owners and monitor compliance with the law as part of the biennial rental licensing process, and may deny, suspend or revoke the renewal of a rental license for non-compliance.