Prince George’s Bill Would Charge Per Hour for Fire Inspections

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Legislation has been filed with the Prince George’s County Council that would alter the basis for computing fire inspection fees for apartments. CB-46-2015, sponsored at the request of County Executive Baker, would charge for the time of personnel of the Office of Fire Marshal at $125 per hour. Fire inspection fees are currently charged on the basis of $120 per building and $2.50 per apartment unit inspected.

The bill is consistent with the recommendations of a workgroup that met four times during the past year with AOBA members and staff of the County Fire Marshal’s Office. The workgroup developed a consensus that it was fairer to compute fire inspection fees on an hourly charge, based on the time actually incurred in the fire inspection. Several jurisdictions in Northern Virginia bill fire inspections on an hourly charge. The bill has been assigned to the Committee on Public Safety and Fiscal Management and will be considered on Thursday, July 16 at 1:30pm.