Oct. 1 is Effective Date for "Earned Sick and Safe Leave" Law in Montgomery Co.

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On Sept. 23 at 10:00am in Bethesda, the Office of Human Rights (OHR), the agency charged with administering the Earned Sick and Safe Leave Law ,will brief members on the requirements and address any remaining questions about implementation and enforcement.  Members may RSVP by emailing Peggi Phelps at For questions about the new law, members may contact Nicola Whiteman via email at or by calling (202) 296-3390.

NEW!! Required Employer model notice - 2016 Montgomery Co. Earned Sick and Safe Leave Poster:
OHR is required to publish a model notice that employers must use to notify employees that they are entitled to sick and safe leave. See below for a summary of the employer notification requirements.


  • General notice/posting requirements: Employers must notify employees that they are entitled to accrue sick and safe leave. The County is required to publish the model notice in English, Spanish and other languages deemed necessary for employer compliance. The model notice/poster included above is currently only available in English. AOBA will update the membership when the Spanish version is available.


  • Content: Per County law, the model notice must include:


  • Employer Notification Options:display notice in conspicuous and accessible areas; (2) include in employee handbook or other written guidance distribute to all employees; or  (3) distribute model or other notice to new employees when hired.