Montgomery County Council "Pauses" Proposals on Recordation Tax Hike and Green Roof Mandates

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The Government Operations and Fiscal Policy Committee pulled the proposed recordation tax increase bill, Bill 10-17 Recordation Tax - Rates – Amendments from its Sept. 27 agenda.  While, the bill was scheduled to expire on Oct. 4, the Council moved on Oct. 2 to extend the bill through June 30, 2019.  Even with this extension, questions remain about the: (1) impact on commercial transactions; (2) county’s competitive position in the region; and (3) possibility of another recession. 

 The Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment Committee also canceled its Sept. 27 worksession on B11-18 Buildings - Environmental Roof Design - Non-residential and Multifamily Buildings.  In lieu of solar and green roof mandates,  AOBA continues to advocate for the use of fuel/energy tax revenues to develop a robust incentive program for energy efficiency projects  and county support of a custom-based approach to sustainable programs that facilitate the ability of sophisticated commercial building owners/managers to choose from a menu of options which are best suited for a specific community or portfolio.