Minimum Wage Rises to $8.40 on Oct. 1

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The minimum wage required to be paid by employers in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties will increase on Oct. 1st from $7.25 to $8.40 per hour. The county minimum wage laws do not apply to an employee who is exempt from the minimum wage requirements of state or federal law or to an employee who is younger than age 19 and is employed for no more than 20 hours per week.

Although the minimum wage increases were enacted last fall by Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties, the laws will be enforced by the Maryland Commissioner of Labor and Industry. The upcoming minimum wage increase is the first of four that will occur annually in those two counties until the wage rate reaches $11.50 per hour on October 1, 2017. State law will increase the minimum wage rate in other Maryland jurisdictions in increments over the next four years until it reaches $10.10 per hour, but the Montgomery and Prince George’s County wage rates will be higher than the state rates.