Maryland District Court Restricts Landlord/Tenant Actions Effective Nov. 16

Posted By: Erin Bradley Headlines ,

Effective November 16 through December 31, 2020, the District Court will only hear specific landlord/tenant matters as District Court operations are restricted to Phase III operations.

In Phase III, the District Court will hear limited actions including criminal cases, other civil proceedings and certain landlord/tenant case types. The landlord/tenant actions that will be heard by the District Court during Phase III are as follows:

  1. rent escrow actions, provided local inspection practices are capable of being conducted;
  2. tenant holding over actions and any associated warrants of restitution;
  3. breach of lease actions and any associated warrants of restitution;
  4. wrongful detainer actions and any associated warrants of restitution;
  5. processing of warrants of restitution for failure to pay rent actions;

Subject to any Executive or Agency Order, failure to pay rent filings will be accepted by the District Court but will not be set for a hearing during Phase III. Any failure to pay rent hearing currently set on or after November 16, 2020 through December 31, 2020 is postponed and will be reset for a hearing when restrictions to court operations are lifted or modified.

The District Court will follow CDC guidelines in effect until December 31, 2020.  Based on the CDC Order, residents can still be evicted for tenant holding over, breaches of lease and wrongful detainer as long as the matter is not financially related to COVID-19.  

Additionally, the District Court requests that housing providers review failure to pay rent complaints previously filed to determine if the case is still viable and if a hearing is still needed. If the case is no longer viable, housing providers are urged to file a dismissal and can file a single dismissal sheet containing the case numbers of all cases to be dismissed. 

If you have questions about the Court's operating procedures, please review the full guidance from the District Court.

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