Hogan Wins Governor’s Race/ GOP Adds Legislative Seats/ What Does this Mean for AOBA?

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In a shocking upset, Republican Larry Hogan defeated Lt. Governor Anthony Brown by over 70,000 votes to capture the Maryland Governor’s race. Hogan won all Maryland jurisdictions except Baltimore City and Charles, Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties. Hogan's wide margins of victory in suburban and rural counties proved the key to his success.

In General Assembly races the red tide washing across the country also allowed the GOP to add seats in both houses. Republicans picked up two seats in the Senate, giving them 14 out of 47. In the House of Delegates, Republicans added a net seven seats, giving them 50 of 141. Incumbent legislators who lost were State Senator Roy Dyson (D-29) and Delegates Kevin Kelly (D-1B), John Donoghue (D-2B), David Rudolph (D-35A), John Bohanan (D-29B) and Appropriations Committee Chair Norm Conway (D-38B). Question One on the statewide ballot also passed with 81 percent of the vote, amending the state constitution to make it more difficult for the Governor and General Assembly to raid the State Transportation Trust Fund.

In local Montgomery and Prince George’s County Executive and Council races all Democratic candidates prevailed by wide margins. Question J would have amended the Prince George’s County Charter to raise the term limits from two to three terms, but lost by 5,000 votes.

So what do these election results mean for AOBA members? Pretty much business as usual in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties on local issues. In Annapolis, Democratic majorities are slightly trimmed to 70 percent in the Senate and 65 percent in the House of Delegates. A Republican Governor will attempt a business-friendly agenda, while struggling to close budget gaps. Time will tell if Annapolis returns to the rancor of a decade ago, when parties last split the Governor’s mansion and Statehouse