Eviction Surcharge of $3 is Effective July 1

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The cost to file a summary ejectment complaint in the Maryland District Court will increase by $3, effective July 1. HB 54 , enacted at the 2015 session of the Maryland General Assembly, will impose a surcharge on all court filings to fund court records automation. See the new fee schedule.

AOBA opposed the legislation, testifying that increasing court costs for tenants facing eviction by $1.6 million annually was a poor method for funding court automation. Additionally, as the District Court’s electronic filing system remains under development and is not currently capable of accepting bulk filings of summary ejectment cases, rental housing providers and tenants would be paying a surcharge for a system that they cannot use.

When and if developed, the Maryland Electronic Courts system would move all four levels of Maryland courts to an integrated, paperless, statewide system. The system would also eventually replace the LexisNexis File & Serve system used in Prince George’s County. AOBA will continue to closely monitor this system, as it has significant ramifications for all participants in the evictions process, including our members, tenants, the Sheriffs’ offices and the District Court.