Changes to Maryland Elevator Tests Effective Oct. 1

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New Maryland state legislation became effective Oct. 1 that will phase-in changes for witnessing of elevator safety tests.  HB 1107 , enacted at the 2018 General Assembly session, will require a third party qualified inspector (TPQI) to be physically present to witness annual and five-year elevator tests performed by elevator mechanics. 

For the past 20 years, the State Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR) has allowed for on-site post-test reviews of safety tests by licensed elevator inspectors.  The new law will require TPQIs to physically witness the 5-year private elevator tests starting 10/1/18 (rather than a state inspector), and the annual tests of private elevators starting 10/1/20.  State inspectors will retain oversight of new construction and upgrades, and pre-final inspections by TPQIs of new construction and upgrades will be eliminated. 

Testing will be scheduled by either the owner or TPQIs.  DLLR will provide a report to the General Assembly by 1/1/20 on the status of how elevator inspections are being conducted under the legislation. 

AOBA opposed this legislation due to concerns that scheduling the elevator mechanic and elevator inspector to both be present for testing will not improve safety, but will cause delays and extra costs to management, and that elevator repair companies and inspectors will charge for more hours as the testing and inspections take longer.