Bills Flying with Three Weeks Left in Maryland Assembly

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The Maryland House and Senate were moving bills quickly to beat the self-imposed “crossover” deadline of March 17. Bills passed by either house after that date will be assigned to the Rules committees, losing time with only three weeks remaining in the 2014 Maryland General Assembly session.

Several bills are moving that are favorable to AOBA’s members:

  • It appears that the long awaited resolution to dog liability will finally happen this year, with SB 247 and HB 73 having passed the Senate and House in identical form. Both bills would restore rental housing owners to the common law standard of liability for death or injury caused by dogs.
  • HB 492 has passed the House, requiring municipalities to only adopt tax classes as part of an ordinance that is separate from the budget ordinance. This will provide affected property owners more opportunity to influence and defend against such legislation and require more transparency for the tax classification process.
  • Commercial building owners were amended out of SB 781, which would have imposed onerous requirements for recycling programs.

Fortunately, several bills are no longer moving, having received unfavorable reports, including:

  • Source of income mandates
  • Just cause eviction
  • Disclosure of customer data from smart meters
  • Prohibition on requiring a rental housing owner as a named insured on tenant’s insurance
  • Prohibition on requiring prospective tenants to provide Social Security numbers