Arlington County Trespass Towing Ordinance Overturned

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Governor Terry McAuliffe has signed H.B. 1960 into law, voiding a local ordinance adopted by Arlington County in December to require that commercial property owners provide real-time authorization for each individual vehicle towed from their lots.  The controversial ordinance usurped private business contracts between property owners and their towing contractors.  

AOBA strongly opposed the local policy along with the Arlington Chamber of Commerce.  But the business community’s concerns were dismissed by the County Board, which opted to move forward with the extremely onerous measure in spite of data demonstrating that the type of “predatory towing” practices that the policy was intended to address were non-existent in Arlington County.  

AOBA led a coalition of business groups in Richmond to advance this legislation to prohibit local governments in Northern Virginia from adopting such anti-business policies, encroaching upon the rights of private property owners to manage parking on their own lots.  With the passage and signing of H.B. 1960, we are pleased to report that members will not be subjected to such burdensome regulation.