AOBAssociate Member Spotlight - American Pest

Get to know our Associate members — companies who provide a variety of key services to our owner/manager members — and learn about their involvement with AOBA. 

Larry Edmonds, American Pest

1. Introduce your company.

Since its inception in 1925, American Pest has obtained an elite status as one of the oldest, premier family-owned pest control businesses operating in the Washington DC area. Armed with a fleet of over 300 expertly-trained pest professionals, American Pest attributes its success to the longstanding tradition of excellence in providing quality pest control solutions for the home or business. As a modern company, American Pest’s strategy utilizes skilled hiring standards, world-class training, and applying Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices that are environmentally responsible.

2. What services does your company offer?

We offer a variety of eco-friendly pest control services for residential and commercial properties as well as industries in the Washington D.C. area including smart rodent control and exclusion, interior and exterior pest control services for all types of pests from crawling insects, termites, rodents, flying and stinging insects and other types of pests to include up to a 1-year bedbug program, thermal remediation and IPM programs for LEED and Green buildings.

3. What are some of the biggest misconceptions about your industry?

The biggest misconception in our industry is that there is a magic wand that can make pests disappear, there is no magic to pest control, it is a team effort that includes pest technicians doing their part, management performing the right services, and the residents doing their part in housekeeping and preparation for our services, together we can produce magic results.

4. What are you doing to help your clients at this point in time?

We are working with our clients in this time of need to include disinfecting services for residential and commercial locations. We also offer a nontoxic, green approach to rodent control - our smart rodent elimination system.

5. As an AOBA member, what have you done to build your client base and drive the success of your business? 

I have been an AOBA member for over 15 years, as long as I have been in the industry. For every company I have worked for, I have recommended that they join AOBA. As the Chair of the David H. Hillman Maverick Award Committee and a member of the Associate's Leadership Council, I can truly say that being involved in AOBA's committees are great opportunity to meet new people, build strong relationships, and build my company's brand. I've also started to get involved with advocacy initiatives and AOBA has provided members like myself a strong platform to make an impact and make sure my voice is heard by legislators on issues that impact my company and our industry.