AOBA Seeks Input on Montgomery County Permeable Pavement Legislation

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AOBA Seeks Input on Montgomery County Permeable Pavement LegislationThree Montgomery County Council Committees (Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment/Planning, Housing and Economic Development) have scheduled a joint work session for July 15 on Bill 13-13, which would create an incentive for use of permeable paving materials. Councilmember Craig Rice (D-District 2) introduced Bill 13-13 to make the County Code actively encourage the provision of pervious pavement. AOBA invites member input in developing its position on the permeable pavement legislation.

The stormwater management provisions of the current County code require a property owner to minimize the impervious surface in a development. In special protection areas, water quality plans are not required, for example, when the impervious area is 8 percent of the site area or less. However, the definition of impervious area currently counts all pervious pavement area as an impervious surface.

Bill 13-13 would define permeable pavement, specifically allow its use as a method to limit impervious area and, most importantly, require the Department of Permitting Services Director to count no more than 25 percent of permeable pavement area toward any limit on impervious surface area. Members are encouraged to send feedback to Shaun Pharr, Here is a link to the bill.