AOBA, Montgomery County Sheriff Hold Productive Meeting on Evictions

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AOBA members recently met with Montgomery County Sheriff Darren Popkin and key members of his evictions staff to discuss ways to improve the timeliness of evictions in Montgomery County. Sheriff Popkin and his staff walked members through some of the steps performed by their staff before and during evictions. His office has two teams of two deputies, each of whom perform tack-ups of court summonses and their Final Notice to Vacate, and conduct the evictions. Evictions typically occur four weeks after a property manager has received a writ of restitution and requested the scheduling of an eviction.

The Sheriff’s staff made the following suggestions to AOBA members:

· Designate an eviction coordinator to deal with their office who can help expedite the scheduling of all of a company’s apartment communities in the County;

· Advise their office of move outs for units pending eviction, so they can quickly perform a walk through;

· Call their office as soon as you receive the signed copy of the writ of restitution and schedule the eviction;

· Provide their office with a spreadsheet with key information describing the cases that are subject to the writs; and

· Do not inform tenants of the scheduled eviction date, in order to protect the safety of the Deputies conducting the evictions.

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