AOBA Celebrates Leadership Awards Recipients at Annual Meeting


Last week, AOBA recognized the 2022 and 2023 recipients of the Outstanding Associate Member of the Year Award, David H. Hillman Maverick Award, and Sidney Glass Memorial Award at its Annual Meeting.

2022 Outstanding Associate Member of the Year Award 

The Outstanding Associate Member of the Year Award recognizes Associate members for their vision, volunteerism, and impact on the local real estate industry. James Fula, General Manager at LSR Refinishing was selected as the 2022 award recipient.

“James has worked with LSR Refinishing for more than 27 years – quite impressive. Yet it is his passion for community service that makes him stand out,” said Gigi Galbraith, 2021 recipient of the Outstanding Associate Member of the Year Award at our Annual Meeting.

James has been involved with AOBA for fourteen years and in 2012 was the recipient of the 2012 Outstanding Leadership Award from AOBA.  Since that time, he has remained active with AOBA and recently joined the Associate's Leadership Council.

2022 David H. Hillman Maverick Award

Established in 2020, the David H. Hillman Maverick Award highlights key characteristics of AOBA’s late member David H. Hillman, who was noted for his exceptional and innovative commitment to both his industry and community.

This award recognizes an AOBA member who humbly demonstrates unwavering enthusiasm in identifying, researching, and solving a need; someone who meets challenges head-on, offers creative solutions and inspires others to follow that person’s example in pursuit of the greater good.

John Ritz, President of WC Smith was selected as the 2022 recipient.

John has been a model of fairness towards our residents and encourages our team to provide exemplary customer service. Beyond daily business, through a pragmatic approach, John has been a leading advocate for policy solutions that address complex issues affecting the real estate community,” said a WC Smith colleague.

2023 Sidney Glassman Memorial Award

The fundamental qualities for this leadership award are significant contributions to the industry in the areas of education, training, management, administration, and legislation. Mark Benedetti, Vice President of Property Management at Blake Real Estate, Inc. was selected as the 2023 recipient. He was also appointed as the 2023 – 2024 President of AOBA’s Board of Directors, after serving on the Board for 14 years.

"Mark is an intelligent and thoughtful leader who guides the team with a steady hand. He regularly leads team discussions on how to balance a customer-focused philosophy with responsibility to ownership,” said a Blake Real Estate colleague.  

Congratulations again to all our winners!

Photos of our Annual Meeting can be viewed here.