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In March of 2018, the District of Columbia Office of Human Rights ("OHR") hosted an in-depth training on the new requirements for housing providers since the "Fair Criminal Record Screening for Housing Act of 2016" has taken effect. 

As a reminder, beginning October 1, 2017, OHR is charged with enforcing the "Fair Criminal Record Screening for Housing Act of 2016," which prevents unlawful screening of a housing applicant’s criminal background. The law imposes several new requirements for rental housing providers including: (1) provision of written notice of rent eligibility criteria to applicants; and (2) not making an inquiry or asking any questions related to an applicant’s criminal background or arrest history at any time prior to making a conditional offer of housing to the applicant. Applicants who believe a housing provider has violated the law may file a free complaint with OHR. All complaints must have occurred on or after the law's effective date of October 1, 2017. 

What the Law Requires of Housing Providers

During the housing application review process, the law requires housing providers to:

  • all eligibility criteria used in deciding whether to rent to the applicant, including financial,employment, criminal and rental history; and
  • a statement that applicants may provide evidence of errors within their criminal record, rehabilitation or other mitigating factors.

To register for the training, please contact Jacqueline Noisette at (202) 442-8170. For more information on the new requirements, please click here

 Jacqueline Noisette (202) 442-8170
 DCRA Small Business Resource Center
 1100 4TH Street, SW, 4th Floor (E- 4302), Washington DC 20024-4451