Green Tips from the Experts

Thanks to the experts on AOBA's Associates Coalition Team for contributing these tips!

Elevating Green

Here are a few recommendations for a greener elevator ride:
Single Bottom Jacks
Replace single bottom jacks with a double bottom design, reducing the likelihood of ground contamination due to oil leaks.

Custom Elevator Cabs and LED Lighting
Consider using cab panels that are constructed from environmentally friendly materials that contain no added urea-formaldehyde and are made from forest-certified wood and rapidly renewable resources. And consider LED lighting for cab ceilings.

Soft Starts
Electromechanical linestarters, which transfer the power needed for an elevator to run, are outdated and subject to component deterioration and breakdown. Schindler can upgrade your system with a new, solid state linestarter (soft start). Soft starts provide environmental and safety benefits including protecting motors from overload protection, reducing energy consumption, increasing elevator reliability, and eliminating audible noise pollution.

Submitted by Meg Lauridsen, Schindler Elevator Corporation,

Educating Tenants on Energy Performance

Providing real-time energy performance feedback helps raise tenant awareness of the building's energy efficiency performance. How can you do that? Install anenergy dashboard kiosk (such as the EcoRate Dashboard) in the lobby that shows the building's actual energy performance (and have the webpage available for the tenants to check throughout the day). When tenants are aware of how their actions affect the energy usage, they are more willing to help out. Extra benefit: The EcoRate Dashboard qualifies for LEED Energy & Atmosphere Credit 3.1: Performance measurement and 3.2: System Level Metering ,and may also qualify for an Innovation point as well. Submitted by Dave Pirkey, Boland,

For Apartment Residents: Natural Alternatives for Home Cleaning

Here are some natural cleaning solutions for apartment residents to try:
Aluminum - Clean with a solution of cream of tartar and water

Brass - Polish brass with a soft cloth dipped in lemon-and-baking soda solution.

Chrome - Clean tarnished copper using a cloth, soft sponge, or rag and a mixture of salt, lemon juice and water.

Gold - Clean with toothpaste.

Pewter - Pewter can be cleaned with a paste of salt, vinegar and flour.

For a list of  20 Going Green tips to distribute at your office, click here.

Submitted by Lynda Ellis, Capitol Concierge,

Here are a few more tips from ACT members...


Strive not to throw away any unneeded wood and wood byproducts. Check your state and local government sites for recycle information. You can also find companies that buy and accept waste wood product for recycling such as this local company: Contributed by Dwayne Vogel, Finish It Green/Bullocks Furniture Restoration,,


Make sure your landscaping includes mowing your turfgrass at least 4-4.5 inches in height. This will produce deeper roots, allowing the grass to require less water. This will also help reduce the incidence of weeds in the turf and the need for pesticides to manage them. Contributed by Stephen Cook, The Brickman Group,,


For all your painting needs, use canvas drop cloths in lieu of plastic drop cloths. Canvas can be washed for reuse; plastic is used only once and takes a long time to break down in landfills. Contributed by Bill Manders, Manders Decorating Company,,www.mandersdecorating.c