Sponsorships and Advertising

Consider giving your company outstanding visibility by taking advantage of a sponsorship or advertising opportunity with AOBA!

SPONSORSHIPS  ( please scroll to the bottom for Advertising Opportunities)

Interested in a sponsorship?  Please contact Pam Oeler, Director of Special Events, who directly manages the assignment of all sponsorships listed below:


Cost:   $2,500

 This sponsorship accepts a small number of companies and includes the following benefits:

 Welcome Program Sponsors in an issue of AOBA’s Newsletter

  • Continuous running of your company logo on the front page of AOBA’s website
  • Listing in the special section of AOBA’s web dedicated to the awards events with a link to your own website
  • Sponsor page included in AOBA’s Membership Directory
  • Acknowledgment of your company at the Annual Meeting in January and TOBY Awards Celebration evening event in June
  • Listings of your company logo in any printed programs, flyers and PowerPoint presentations produced for these events
  • Two large signs, which AOBA will have made, displaying all sponsor logos at the events. 

Solicitations for this sponsorship begin in November with an early December deadline to confirm.


Following are the various levels of TOBY sponsorship and their costs.  Please visit AOBA’s website, www.aoba-metro.org  and click on About/ Awards/ TOBY Awards.  You will find a TOBY Sponsor Benefits Sheet listing all the benefits in each category:

GOLD               $5,000

SILVER             $2,500

BRONZE           $1,000

PATRON           $500

Solicitations for this sponsorship begin in November with an early December deadline to confirm.                                                                                                                   


AOBA’s Golf Tournament is scheduled for the fall of each year, and the planning process begins in February.

Sponsorships range from $500 for Tee/Green (reserved for Owner/Manager AOBA members) to $5,000 for Premier Sponsors.  As opposed to sponsorship “Levels”, AOBA member companies sponsor various activities; the cost commensurate with the level of exposure to the sponsor. Signage is provided by AOBA to the sponsor.  Following are a few examples of golf sponsorships:

Beverage Stand, $800

Golfers’ Gift, $1,000

Exclusive Contest, $2,000

Golf Cart Split, $2,500

Open Bar, $5,000

Premier, $5,000

There are several other options and new sponsorships are created as appropriate.  Previous sponsors are given “right of first refusal” to take their previous sponsorship, in many cases.  Companies should get in touch with Pam Oeler, Director of Special Events, who directly manages the assignment of all sponsorships. 

Golf sponsors enjoy exposure at the event, in AOBA’s newsletter, and on the Web until the following year.


Holiday Party sponsorship solicitation begins in October of each year.  There are various activities available for sponsorship.  They include, but are not limited to:

HOLIDAY TICKETS             $6,000

PHOTOGRAPHY                $5,000

MARTINI BAR                    $5,000

DESSERT BAR                   $3,000

ENTERTAINMENT              $3,000

PRIZE DRAWING                $3,000

OPEN BAR                         $2,000   (group sponsorship)

AOBA provides prominent signage to Holiday sponsors, who are acknowledged in the newsletter as well as on the web.  Complimentary party tickets are included with each sponsorship.                                                                                                                                                                                          


 In 2018, AOBA will publish INSIDE, an 8-page print newsletter 6 times  (every other month). This popular publication is mailed to approximately 1,000 commercial and multifamily property management professionals in the greater Washington area.

For a print advertising contract that includes detailed specs and deadlines, please email Marie Tibor, mtibor@aoba-metro.org or call Marie at 202.296.3390. Note: We only have space to run 1 to 2 small ads per issue.  Ads need to be very clean with few words to be legible.


AOBA contracts with Naylor to produce an online directory (Buyers’ Guide) in the Spring. For advertising opportunities in the online Buyers’ Guide, please contact: 

Kira Krewson, Project Manager | Naylor Association Solutions
Direct: (770) 810-6982; kkrewson@naylor.com | www.naylor.com

Online Advertising on this Website:

AOBA has also partnered with Naylor to offer advertising on our home page at www.aoba-metro.org.
This site offers great visibility for your firm, with approximately 2,000 unique visitors each month.

Learn more at  http://www.naylornetwork.com/webkits/PDFs/wob.pdf

For online advertising opportunities on this site, please contact: Kira Krewson, kkrewson@naylor.com (see contact info above).